You’re not just a boy band.  You’re not just a phase.  I’ve watched you grow from five teenagers who didn’t have any idea what was coming to five men that are still shocked every day by the amount of people that support and love them.  I’ve watched you win awards, make movies and get plastered on the covers of magazines but never once lose yourselves to the fame.  I’ve watched your music grow and touch people all around the world.  I’ve watched you spread your generosity and kindness to charities and organizations.  I’ve watched you go from thanking fans on the X Factor to thanking them at stadiums.  I’ve watched from the sidelines this entire time and couldn’t be prouder of who you are and what you’ve achieved.  I know that it’s impossible to put into words how much I love you but I promise one thing and that is I’ll never stop loving you.  Even one day if this all comes to an end you will always be our boys and we will always be your girls.  You’re not just a boy band.  You’re my heroes.  

Happy 4th Year Anniversary One Direction!